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Attendees at the North Florida Marine Science Symposium discuss the latest marine research during the poster session.

North Florida Marine Science Symposium

Next symposium: January 28-29, 2016 in cedar key, Florida! REGISTER HERE

  • Dr. Gustav Paulay presents his latest work on sea urchin phylogeny.
  • Masters student, Rebecca Squibb, explains her work on the life history and ecology of ornamental fisheries.
  • Postdoc John Griffin and Masters student Schuyler von Montfrans jam during the closing banquet.
  • Undergraduate student, Elliot Hart, is awarded the Best Undergraduate Poster award by Don Behringer.

Keynote Speakers

  • 2009 Dr. Peter Mumby - University of Queensland
  • 2010 Dr. James Estes - US Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center
  • 2011 Dr. Robert Cowen - University of Miami
  • 2012 Dr. Michael Heithaus - Florida International University
  • 2013 Dr. Steven Gaines - University of California Santa Barbara (Watch Dr. Gaines address online here)
  • 2014 Dr. Mark Hay - Georgia Tech
  • 2016 Dr. Michael Beck - The Nature Conservancy, Lead Scientist, Global Marine Team


Many thanks to our generous sponsors, without whose support this symposium would not be possible!!

The NFMSS brings together faculty, students, and staff from the University of Florida, University of North Florida, Florida Institute of Technology, federal and state agencies, NGOs, and folks from the local community for two days to promote marine resource conservation and sustainability by sharing research results, networking, educating students, and fostering future collaborations. Topics discussed included marine ecology and biology, aquaculture, fisheries conservation and management, and systematics.

The 2014 meeting was a smashing success and attended by over 150 folks! In addition, this year we were again joined by Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence who hosted the evening poster session (open to the public) and offered presentation improvement and critiques through their Presentation Boot Camp program!

The NFMSS is on a 2-year cycle so please make sure you are there for the next meeting January 28-29, 2016!


  • Dr. Don Behringer (Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences)
  • Dr. Rob Ahrens (Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences)

Past Student Presentation Award Winners:

  • Elliot Hart - Best Undergraduate Student Poster
  • Corinne Fuchs - Best Undergraduate Student Poster (runner-up)
  • Patrick Gardner - Best Graduate Student Poster
  • Masashige Taguchi - Best Graduate Student Poster (tied for runner-up)
  • Kevin Olsen - Best Graduate Student Poster (tied for runner-up)
  • Tyler Sloan - Best Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation
  • Nicole Soomdat - Best Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation (runner-up)
  • Daniel Sasson - Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation
  • Chelsey Campbell - Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation (runner-up)